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28 May 2023
The vast majority of people who seek coaching, want to improve their results in different ways, to develop their life, make a better career, earn more money, develop their personal
14 May 2023
A recurring topic of conversation that occurs between my clients and me as a coach, is the fear of making faults and mistakes. For many, faults and mistakes mean a
23 April 2023
If you work as a senior manager or run your own business, it can often be perceived as being lonely at the top. It is often difficult to find like-minded
03 April 2023
Coaching is important for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons: Helping people achieve their goals: Coaching provides people with support, guidance and tools to achieve their goals,

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10 October 2022

Change your perspective!


Changing perspective is a common tool in coaching. The goal is to get the individual to start thinking from more perspectives than the usual thoughts that we normally keep within. Changing perspectives can be done partly through questions about different perspectives, but if that is not enough, the coach can, for example, set out 2 or more chairs, which the individual can move to in order to gain new perspectives. Sometimes the individual sits on the chair that is himself, sometimes the client is the person with whom the individual has a conflict and sometimes also being others who stand outside and only observe.


Just getting physical movements in, usually gives effective results, than trying to think in the different perspectives!


You can download the worksheet below and fill in yourself what you want to see from other perspectives!


Download work task >>>


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Claes-Goran Hammar

Master coach & mentor

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