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More about Coach2it

How do you reach your goals?

Coach2it is developed by highly experienced employees, who, with their common values ​​and experiences of how coaching, mentoring and leadership development, strongly contribute to individuals, companies and organizations:

Use coaching to be successful!

Evolving from solid experience!


Coach2it is based on extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and training that is carried out via effective processes and systems.

Creates an efficient business!


Coach2it's coaching and courses are conducted both online and as real courses with the aim of saving the environment and costs.

Gain a sustainable knowledge!


Coach2it's online courses include future updates so that each coach continues to develop after completing training with us.

Get a better result!!


Coaching increases focus on what is most important, which means that what produces the most results, are prioritized.

Building a better community!


People who undergo a coaching program develop as people, which means they become more committed to others.

Creates a better work environment!


When people enjoy and feel stimulated by their work tasks, it creates a better work environment for everyone.


“Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limitations!

Coach2it har hjälpt många människor att nå sina mål genom att få tydliga mål och bryta igenom hinder.

Examples of how we coach for your success!

Coaching contains a large number of models, methods and tools to create success for the individual and we vary these depending on the individual's unique needs and set goals.


The GROW model is an example of how successful coaching is carried out:

A coaching model for your success!

For more successful businesses and people

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