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Do you want to be a coach that help others reach their goals?

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Do you need effective help to reach your goals?

Do you want to create successful and prosperous staff??

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Do you want to be successful?

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En erfaren coach och mentor kommer vara avgörande för Din framgång

About Coach2it

We help you succeed!

If you have really made up your mind, but don't know what, how or when to change your life, coaching is a very effective and powerful way to create change and reach your goals!

Mentor programs are suitable when you run a business and need an experienced entrepreneur wface challenges and get advice!

Make your time more efficient! - Do you know how much time you spend today on things that don't really help you move forward towards your goals?

Save your money! - Have you done the math on how much you lose each year by not being more successful?

Develop your business! - Vad tror ni det kostar företaget att inte arbeta mer effektivt och målinriktat?


Falling isn't the worst thing, it´s to stay where you fell!”

Coaching ger tillgång till Din potential som leder till att Du ökar Din prestationer och når fler mål

Be successful - For real!


If you feel that you want more in life, that you are not quite satisfied and somewhere have a feeling that there is more, then we recommend coaching, which is a very effective way to break through limiting thoughts and obstacles to reach your goals and be successful.


Coaching is used in many areas:

  • Career development
  • Development of companies
  • Development of personnel groups
Vi vet att Du har mycket mer potential och vi hjälper Dig hitta den.

We are here for you!

Meet our team!

Coach2it is run by a team of highly motivated coaches and mentors with extensive experience from leadership positions and business development.


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Do you want to know how to reach your goals?

If you are curious about how coaching and mentoring work, contact us for a free (Value 290 USD) coaching session with a coach. You get the opportunity to test how it works for you!

Test if coaching works for you!

Oavsett inom vilket område som Du vill bli mer framgångsrik, hjälper en bra coach Dig att bli framgångsrik

46% increase their wellbeing

A person who experiences increased participation and opportunities to influence their own life creates increased wellbeing both privately and at work.

More positive results

Some additional results of coaching are that self-esteem increases, leads to more personal control, gives less stress, sees opportunities for improvement instead of problems, gains new perspectives, becomes more innovative and solves problems, increases performance and cooperates more with others.

43% improve their tolerance

This means that frustration, anxiety, anger and conflicts have decreased in favor of a more positive work environment and wellbeing at work.

74% reach their goals

With coaching, the individual is given the time and conditions to set new goals and work towards them with the help of their coach, which produces positive results.

60% increase their focus

When the individual feels that it is possible to change their life and really achieve their goals, it increases the individual's motivation and results.

54% improves their attitudes and work results

In coaching, the individual works a lot with himself and his inner thoughts and values, which creates a personal development with both a changed approach and way of working.

Bevisade resultat!

What does science tells about coaching?!

There are lots of studies and research about how and what results coaching gives and a summary of over 100 research reports shows that coaching gives positive results in a number of areas:

We offer extensive experience!

Some short facts!

Coach2it´s offers many successful experiences as your coach and mentor.


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Advices from your coach!

28 May 2023
The vast majority of people who seek coaching, want to improve their results in different ways, to develop their life, make a better career, earn more money, develop their personal
14 May 2023
A recurring topic of conversation that occurs between my clients and me as a coach, is the fear of making faults and mistakes. For many, faults and mistakes mean a
23 April 2023
If you work as a senior manager or run your own business, it can often be perceived as being lonely at the top. It is often difficult to find like-minded

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