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Do you want to reach new goals?

Increase your results and reach new goals with a coach!

Med en erfaren coach kommer Du bryta igenom hinder och blockeringar som hindrar Dig från att nå Dina mål
En personlig coach är helt fokuserad på att hjälpa Dig lyckas!

With a coach you get an extremely short shortcut to your success!


Being a CEO or manager includes many difficulties: Every day you need to balance a myriad of demands from different groups inside and outside the business, take into account the needs and wishes of staff, customers, suppliers and owners. At the same time, you are expected to continually develop your own professional skills, business abilities and your leadership to continue to perform at top levels.


As a senior executive, the need for coaching to maximize you and your leadership effectiveness is more important than ever.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between you as a manager and an experienced coach that aims to support you in meeting both the specific and unique demands you face on a daily basis by developing your inner and outer skills and abilities.

It all about you!

Your coach is completely focused on you, what your dreams and goals are and what you need to do to get there.

Multilevel development!

Coaching leads to increased motivation, collaboration and results with others in the organization.

Develops your capacity!

Your coach helps you focus on what's most important and increases your capacity and abilities to help you achieve your goals.

En personlig coach är som en nära vän som lyssnar och är helt fokuserad på Dig och Dina framgångar

74% reach their goals

With coaching, the individual is given the time and conditions to set new goals and work towards them with the help of their coach, which produces positive results.

60% increase their focus

When the individual feels that it is possible to change their life and really achieve their goals, it increases the individual's motivation and results.

54% improves their attitudes and work results

In coaching, the individual works a lot with himself and his inner thoughts and values, which creates a personal development with both a changed approach and way of working.

46% increase their wellbeing

A person who experiences increased participation and opportunities to influence their own life creates increased wellbeing both privately and at work.

More positive results

Some additional results of coaching are that self-esteem increases, leads to more personal control, gives less stress, sees opportunities for improvement instead of problems, gains new perspectives, becomes more innovative and solves problems, increases performance and cooperates more with others.

43% improve their tolerance

This means that frustration, anxiety, anger and conflicts have decreased in favor of a more positive work environment and wellbeing at work.

Proven results!

What do science says about coaching?

There are lots of studies and research about how and what results coaching gives and a summary of over 100 research reports shows that coaching gives positive results in a number of areas:

/Gustaf Lindborg

“The sailor does not ask for a tailwind, he learns to sail!

Coaching är en kraftfull metod för att Du ska bryta gamla mönster och beteenden och hitta nya möjligheter!

More specific!

Your coach helps you develop based on your personal

conditions and goals!

What does it mean for

you as a leader?

The need for superior leadership skills has never been greater and by creating a customized development process, coaching helps you as a manager to make improvements and changes that directly affect both your own life and the organization as a whole. Although the specific goals and desired outcomes of each executive coaching process are unique, typical goals and outcomes include the following:


  • Improves the effectiveness of you as a manager in specific development areas.
  • Your coach delivers personalized and tailored learning experiences for you, enabling you to acquire new competencies and build on existing skills to improve your leadership performance.
  • A coach is a trusted and confidential partner where you can develop new skills or behaviors, make changes, develop and improve in selected key areas.
  • Equip yourself as a manager with advice, best practices, guidance, tools and strategies where coaching develops and practices the skills and behaviors that best support the needs and goals of the organization.
  • Develop your ability to manage turbulent business demands and respond to challenging changes.
  • Ensure retention and development by coaching the organization's employees and preparing them for future growth and opportunities.
En mentor är ett viktigt stöd för Dig som oftast arbetar ensam och behöver ett bollplank, rådgivning och tips

What is a mentor?


A mentor is a person who has a very extensive knowledge and experience in a specific field and who guides a more inexperienced person in this field through a coaching approach and advice. The difference is that a mentor gives tips and advice unlike a coach.


A mentor helps the client by increasing their knowledge, avoiding problems and better coping with difficult situations, i.e. the mentor helps the client to face and cope with problems and challenges. A good mentor has previously both succeeded and failed. A mentoring program normally runs for 12 months and it is common for a mentor and client to work together for many years.


Find a mentor!


Coach2it offers mentors within:


  • C-levels
  • Startups
  • Business development & innovation
  • Safety & security
Med coachning kommer Du att nå oväntade framgångar

Whats included in a coaching program?


A coaching program is carried out between you and your personal coach during a fixed period of time with a number of coaching sessions (eg 6 sessions over 6 months)


This is part of a coaching program:


  • A predetermined number of coaching sessions between you and your personal coach
  • Tasks and challenges between sessions
  • Discussion group
  • Personal support
  • Additional features (Mentoring and Mastermind in some programs)

Content, number of sessions and time are determined by your specific needs, its complexity as well as any deadlines. You can also have meetings with your coach online.

Try coaching FREE!

Try coaching FREE!

Try coaching FREE!

Choose your

coaching program!


What gains can there be when you work more goal focused?”

Om Du behöver råd och förslag från någon med erfarenhet inom det Du arbetar, anlita en mentor



Hotel owner


IT consultant



The coaching process has been driving and present, with various tools that have created awareness, confidence and self-esteem about how I reach both personal and business goals.

The coaching has led me to build more positive relationships with energizers and eliminated energy stealers where I now use my qualities as opportunities instead of problems.

Gudrun is efficient, creative, supportive and with her experience, knowledge and way of working, has made me create the conditions to achieve changes through more successful leadership.

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