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28 May 2023
The vast majority of people who seek coaching, want to improve their results in different ways, to develop their life, make a better career, earn more money, develop their personal
14 May 2023
A recurring topic of conversation that occurs between my clients and me as a coach, is the fear of making faults and mistakes. For many, faults and mistakes mean a
23 April 2023
If you work as a senior manager or run your own business, it can often be perceived as being lonely at the top. It is often difficult to find like-minded
03 April 2023
Coaching is important for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons: Helping people achieve their goals: Coaching provides people with support, guidance and tools to achieve their goals,

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30 January 2023

Can you really afford not to change your life?


Not changing your life can have many consequences, both in the short and long term. Some of these consequences include:


Stagnation: Without change, people can become stuck in a rut, feel unhappy and lack a sense of purpose in their lives.


Financial difficulties: When we lack balance in our lives, nromally the financial situation gets affected.


Missed opportunities: Without change, people can miss out on opportunities for personal development, a better career, higher pay and other positive experiences.


Health issues: Lack of change can also contribute to both physical and mental health problems. For example, living a sedentary life without regular exercise can lead to obesity and other health problems, while ignoring one's personal problems such as stress and anxiety can lead to mental health problems. It is also common for people to increase our compensatory and harmful behaviors when life feels difficult.


Personal Dissatisfaction: Without change, people may begin to feel dissatisfied with their lives and may struggle to find happiness and fulfillment.


Lack of personal growth: Without change, people cannot develop new skills and abilities, limiting their potential for growth and success in both their personal and professional lives.


Dysfunctional relationships: Without change, people cannot adapt to changing circumstances and relationships, which can lead to relationship problems and separations.


It is important to note that change can be difficult and unpleasant, but not changing one's life has a much higher price, the problem is that we do not see it ahead of time. Making positive changes in your life leads to greater happiness, satisfaction and success.


Now its time ...


1 - Make a decision!

2 - Make a realistic plan!

3 - Stay disciplined to the plan!


... and your life is guaranteed to change!


Don't wait... because that just means waiting!


Good luck!


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Claes-Goran Hammar

Master coach & mentor

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